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Vietnam Tours

  • Vietnam Highlights Tours
    The "Vietnam Highlights Tours" Packages are your best choice if you want to experience most highlights as well as the totality of Vietnam: the land, the people, the culture, and the history, as a Vietnamese person would. In this tour, as you travel through the country you will experience all forms of transport: car, train, airplane, boat, walking and hiking. During your traveling with Private Asia Tours, you will trace the path of the founding of Vietnam. 
    This is the ultimate tour of Vietnam - an in-depth exploration of Vietnam’s most interesting cities and countryside. Traveling across the country from North to South or vice versa, you can explore the colonial elegance of Hanoi - our romantic capital, Halong Bay - our world's natural heritage site, Sapa - with magnificent mountainous views and opportunities to meet with H'mong and Dzao hill tribes, Hue - the ancient citadel of the last King in Vietnam until 1954, Hoi An - a magical lantern-lit town for all tourist alike, our beloved Mekong Delta - the lush forests and major cultivation area for Vietnam, Can Tho - a discovery of daily life in the delta, and finally, the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City  (formerly Saigon) - all a major city has to offer. The whole tour is accompanied by experienced, local guides. 
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  • Vietnam Family Tours
    The "Vietnam Family Tours" Packages are designed for your family with lots of fun and outdoor activities: kayaking, biking... and culture expedition. 
    With its stunning natural landscapes, millennia-old history, exciting cosmopolitan cities, friendly hamlets and mélange of cultural influences, Vietnam has it all. And there’s no better way to become acquainted with this vibrant country than by exploring it under your own locomotion and at your own pace. Walk past pagodas and temples in old Hanoi, kayak amid labyrinthine limestone outcrops in Halong Bay, bike past vibrant green rice paddies, investigate magnificent historic sites in Hue and stroll through the enchanting city of Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s architectural gems. Round out your days of discovery with meals of delicious local cuisine and stays at warm welcoming hotels. The whole tour is accompanied by experienced, friendly local guides. 
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  • Vietnam Adventure Tours

    The "Vietnam Adventure Tours" Packages is  a selection of tours to experience and discover the hidden adventures of Vietnam. Pick from the Northwest Adventures Tour, Northeast Adventures Tour, or the Motorcycling Ho Chi Minh Trails Tour…All the trips are well organized and accompanied by experienced, local guides that give your the opportunity to get closer to Vietnam culture and we would love to share to you part of our Vietnam. The trips are packed with many activities and discovery: motorcycling, hiking, kayaking, and trekking throughout scenic Vietnam. Please find below our suggested itineraries and if you have other ideas for your adventure trip, we can customize the trip to suit your travel and interest.

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